Wendake Hôtel-Musée Premières Nations Wedding: Karine + Douglas, Sneak Peek

Quebec-Wendake-Hôtel-Musée-Premières-Nations-Wedding-Stephanie Beach-PhotographyI have been excited for this wedding day pretty much since the moment we first met these two, but my excitement definitely grew tenfold after their freaking awesome engagement session as Karine + Doug absolutely nailed that shoot! They honestly make photographing them an absolute dream not only by just being such great people, but also with the trust they have in our vision.

Getting ready for their wedding did however stray from the normal routine as alongside packing all of the photography gear, we also had to pack snacks for the long drive to near Quebec City and of course, everything we needed for the weekend away from the city.

I always find it so funny when Dave and I travel, because we actually travel quite light. Now I know all of our family and friends are really questioning that last statement, but we really only bring one bag of clothes/toiletries, my purse, some snacks for driving and of course my pillow for the car. It isn’t until you factor in the photography gear that the number of bags starts to go increase, and it really starts to get out of hand when we are headed to an actual wedding as that’s when the backup gear and plan B equipment (umbrellas, towels, etc.) start making an appearance. In the end, we pretty much always end up looking like we have packed everything except the kitchen sink, but that’s okay.

The long drive to and from Quebec City/Wendake and loading and unloading all of the gear, etc. was so incredibly worth it as not only did we get to capture another gorgeous wedding day, but we got to spend more time with Karine + Doug and their circle of friends and family. We had an absolutely wonderful time at their wedding and I am beyond excited to share more of their day with them and all of you, but for now let’s just enjoy this little sneak peek, because who can resist this kind of newlywed bliss.

Quebec-Wendake-Hôtel-Musée-Premières-Nations-Wedding-Stephanie Beach-Photography