Surprise Proposal at Upper Canada Village: Alexis + Peter


Proposal sessions have to be some of my favourite things to do! Not only do you get to meet a new couple and have a great time grabbing some engagement photos for them, but before all that starts you get to capture the very beginning of their wedding story!

They can be a little nerve-wracking for us too as you never know exactly what is going to happen – by which I mean where they are going to stand and face (you can chat about it beforehand, but there is no adjustments possible during the main event).¬†Although somehow I think the whole thing is more nerve-wracking for the one popping the question! But Peter did an absolutely marvelous job and it was so exciting to get to see the look of surprise and excitement on Alexis’ face!!

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Upper Canada Village Engagement Session: Marie-France + Jonathan

Upper Canada Engagement Session Stephanie Beach PhotographyDave doesn’t often join me for engagement sessions. But this session was a little different. The subjects were just as in love as our other couples, and there weren’t really any difficult shooting conditions to work in such that I would need a second set of hands, but we were heading to a location that was extra special, not only just for our couple, but for us too.

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Upper Canada Village Engagement Session: Marie-France + Jonathan, Sneak Peek

Upper Canada Village Engagement Session Stephanie Beach PhotographyWhen I was growing up I went to Upper Canada Village pretty much every year. It was only a short drive from home so it was a frequent school trip in elementary school and also a fun place for family trips day trips as well that didn’t involve sitting in the traffic of Toronto. When I got a little older, the frequency of these trips definitely lessened, but I still once every once in while either as part of my tourism job, or as a mother-daughter outing.

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My Proposal Story

I love proposals. The romance, the anticipation and of course, the love. One of my favourite parts of getting to know my bride + grooms is hearing how they met, and how the proposal happened.

All of that being said, I realized a little while ago that I never shared my proposal story on this blog. So let me rectify that by sharing it now, 3 years later.

On Thursday, December 30, 2010, Dave and I went to Upper Canada Village in Morrisburg to take night photos of the Alight at Night Festival. Before we had left, Dave was scurrying around the house doing this and that and to be honest, I really wasn’t paying attention as I was trying to get my camera gear ready to go. You see, I had always wanted to visit the village during this event, but somehow we has always missed it.

During our 2-3 hours there we walked around and took many, many photos of the night lights and even enjoyed delicious, fresh gingerbread (so yummy). After taking in the lights and watching the show synchronized with some Christmas music, we headed back to the car. During his earlier scurrying, Dave had apparently made and quietly packed a thermos full of hot chocolate. It was a nice treat and what I thought was a nice end to the evening. We headed back to Ottawa listening to the Glee soundtrack that he had so nicely downloaded on his new Google phone. When we got back to the city, he drove us towards downtown. At first I questioned where we were going, but when he didn’t want to answer me I let it go. I figured he was heading to Parliament Hill as I had also wanted to take photos of the lights on the Parliament buildings, but had chosen Upper Canada Village over them for this particular evening.

As we approached downtown Ottawa, Dave turned onto Sussex and headed away from the Parliament buildings. He parked overlooking the Ottawa River and told me to stay put for a couple minutes. Dave went to the back of the car and then came to get me. He had music playing on his phone and had packed blankets and pillows(more things he had packed during his earlier scurrying) for sitting in the back of the car – it was very nice. We shared the rest of the hot chocolate and he of course proposed. After adamantly nodding in agreement, I said yes. The evening was great and because it was so cold out, the ring actually fit me.

The next day, I of course called me friends and family to give them to great news. We also sent the ring to the jeweler’s to be re-sized. Dave had used his iron ring as a reference (clever), but that ring apparently fits my right hand ring finger, but not my left.

Three years later are we are now happily married and though are lives are not fundamentally different from when we were engaged, or even dating, I love being married to this wonderful man. I know I am very lucky to have found him and very thankful that he asked me to marry him.

Upper Canada Village Alight at NightUpper Canada Village Alight at Night Upper Canada Village Alight at Night Upper Canada Village Alight at Night Upper Canada Village Alight at Night Upper Canada Village Alight at Night Upper Canada Village Alight at Night Upper Canada Village Alight at Night