Surprise Proposal at Upper Canada Village: Alexis + Peter


Proposal sessions have to be some of my favourite things to do! Not only do you get to meet a new couple and have a great time grabbing some engagement photos for them, but before all that starts you get to capture the very beginning of their wedding story!

They can be a little nerve-wracking for us too as you never know exactly what is going to happen – by which I mean where they are going to stand and face (you can chat about it beforehand, but there is no adjustments possible during the main event). Although somehow I think the whole thing is more nerve-wracking for the one popping the question! But Peter did an absolutely marvelous job and it was so exciting to get to see the look of surprise and excitement on Alexis’ face!!

I think I shared it somewhere online already but the night Dave proposed to me, he did so after our first tour around Upper Canada Village‘s Alight at Night Festival. It was a really sweet evening that included some of my all-time favourite things: photography, hot chocolate and just generally being together. For whatever reason (mainly just that life is super busy and it’s really cold along the river in the winter), we hadn’t been back to the Festival since and really only had been back to Upper Canada Village for one other engagement session (during which we got locked inside the park – funny story really), so when Peter reached out to me about photographing his and Alexis’ wonderful evening I couldn’t have been more excited!! And because the whole thing was going down during the evening, it meant Dave would be joining me (in the role of driver / voice-activated light stand).

It was such a great evening and Alexis + Peter are so incredibly endearing and just generally lovely to be around (shout out and thanks to Alexis’ sister Hannah who reached out to me and got me in touch with Peter – you’re the bestest sister!). I had a wonderful time strolling through the village with them and working through that bitter cold wind. I loved that part of your family got to witness the whole thing and be the first to give you guys congratulatory hugs! Getting to be a part of your wedding story was a real honour and I hope you had a wonderful, albeit chilly, evening too!


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