Dear 2018, Thank You

Temple's-Sugar-Bush-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyMy end-of-the-year blog posts have grown in number over the years, but it is my annual Thank You post that really puts things in perspective for me. I have such an incredible job in which I get to be a part of some really special moments. Our clients invite me into their wedding days, their homes and their families to do my work and when I sit down to write out this post I really am so humbled by the amazing experiences I get to be a part of each year.

This post focuses on our weddings, but that doesn’t mean I am any less excited or honoured by our other family, portrait and corporate clients – but with over 70 individual sessions in 2018, listing them all out would mean we would be here all day!

We ended up being able to capture 15 weddings this year for 15 truly awesome couples! And I wanted to give a special shout-out to each one (and give you guys a chance to check out their stunning wedding days again).

Diana + John
I don’t know if there could have been two sweeter souls to start off our 2018 wedding season than Diana + John. The rain definitely lasted all day, but there was no way it was going to dampen their spirits! The love these two share is truly infectious and it and their wedding day set the perfect tone for this year!


Christine + John
That famous Joey Tribianni quote got pulled out for Christine + John’s wedding day and I was completely over the moon! If their day hadn’t already been so marvelous, that would have made it so! But honestly, just getting to hang out with Christine + John again was a treat and getting to capture their day for them was wonderful!


Amy + Luc
Their wedding day changed into a two-day affair due to logistics, but they were set on it remaining a simple affair, and honestly I absolutely loved every second of it! Their City Hall ceremony and their intimate reception could best be described as a wedding with a truly laid-back atmosphere, and it fit Amy + Luc perfectly! I adored every little detail of their day and was so honoured to get to be a part of it!


Andrea + Anthony
It was during that insane heat wave we had over the August long weekend, but despite that, I don’t think Andrea + Anthony’s wedding day could have been more perfect! Not only are these genuinely kind people so delightful to be around, but their friends + family are too! Their simply elegant day was a joy to be a part of!


Jessica + Steve
It was a blisteringly hot day, and I don’t think everything went exactly as planned, but Jessica + Steve’s day was absolutely gorgeous! They had a whopping 20 people standing with them on the day, but after getting to spend time with them, I quickly saw why they had collected so many friends over the years as these two really are such wonderful people to be around!


Lindsay + Shawn
There was a dress emergency during prep (which led to me sewing Lindsay into her dress), but as soon as Lindsay + Shawn were together, nothing could bring them down! Their engagement session may have been one of my favourites of the 2018 year and I think they kept that up with their wedding day as it was so incredibly amazing!


Patricia + Mike
A giant family photo list, a few deer antlers (sheds of course), a beautifully lit church, a beautiful willow tree to shoot under, and some truly fantastic people made for one of the sweetest days of the year for us. Patricia + Mike really are two of the nicest people we have ever met and I was so happy to be able to capture their day for them!


Dana + Matthew
I absolutely loved Dana + Matt’s wedding day! Each and every time they caught each other’s eye, they smiled from ear-to-ear and not only was it clear to see how much the loved one another, but it was just plain adorable to watch! It may have been humid as all heck, but every second of it was worth it to be a part of this day!


Teresa + Stephane
For a (very) brief moment, the weather in September changed from an uncomfortable, sticky mess, to a delightfully pleasant day, with a cool breeze flowing through. It was on one of these days that we had the absolute pleasure of working with Teresa + Stephane, who were so incredibly kind and thoughtful and all-around wonderful to work with!


Lisa + Joe
Every once in a while we stumble across a couple who really pull at my heartstrings (in a good way) – this year that was definitely Lisa + Joe. Their love story was so incredibly sweet and heartwarming that it completely filled me with joy. I loved their sweet natures and getting to capture their wedding day!


Helene + Kevin
I don’t know if church ceremonies get any better than Notre Dame Cathedral! Helene + Kevin’s intimate ceremony in this historic venue was without a doubt, a highlight of our season, and getting to share their day with them and their circle of family + friends was a true honour!


Devin + Brad
Devin + Brad’s wedding day was truly one of the most gorgeous wedding days we have gotten to be a part of! The weather, the scenery, the venues – everything was completely stunning, but not nearly as much as Devin + Brad themselves! Add to that the fact that we got to share the day with some truly hilarious people and it was absolutely a wedding photographer’s dream!


Every once in a while we get to work with a couple who cherishes their online privacy, and although we aren’t able to share very many of their photos with all of you, I can say that T+S’s City Hall wedding day was so wonderful to be a part of and I was honoured to be included in their intimate celebration.


Christy + Deep
Our first Hindu Wedding and I don’t think it could have been with any better of people. Christy + Deep were so amazing to work with and their family + friends were absolutely delightful! Dave and I loved getting to witness new cultural traditions and learned so much along the way – all on top of getting to hang out with these two, pretty sweet deal if you ask me!


Emilie + Maxime
The absolute perfect way to end our 2018 wedding season was with Emilie + Maxime’s wedding day! These two had the sweetest day ever (and the sweetest little baby boy too)! It was definitely a chilly day, but all the love and delightful company was more than enough to make us all warm and cozy again!


Wow, what an amazing wedding season! Thank you again to all of our couples – I can honestly say that we loved each and every one of your wedding days and I really am so incredibly honoured to have been a part of them (as is Dave, although he isn’t writing this right now).

And finally, a huge thank you to all of the vendors we have been lucky enough to work alongside in 2018. Anyone in the business knows that weddings don’t plan themselves and it takes an entire team of pros to pull them off. So thank you all for your hard work and dedication and I urge anyone reading this to check out the original blog posts for these wedding days so you can find out all the other talented professionals who helped make these weddings a reality.