Canadian Museum of Nature Winter Wedding: Jennifer + Steve

Museum-of-Nature-Winter-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyJenn + Steve’s wedding day started off with clear weather, then moved into freezing rain/slush, and ended up having a mini-blizzard right in the middle of it! In fact, at one point in the day, the snowflakes were so dense and large that they looked completely fake (like they were made of foam and a wind machine)! Jenn wanted snow on her wedding day and boy-oh-boy did she get it! This wonderfully sweet couple definitely made the most of it during their portrait portion of the day! Getting completely drenched by the snow was definitely worth the shots we got out in that less than pleasant weather.⁠⠀

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Megan + Brendan

Temple's-Sugar-Bush-Country-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyIf you watch our social media feeds and/or read our blog regularly than you will have probably noticed that we photograph a lot of weddings at Temple’s Sugar Bush. We are there 6 or 7 times a year and I honestly love that we visit this wonderful venue (and all of the truly amazing staff) so often. But the time always comes each year where we are photographing our last wedding there and although this year that was Megan + Brendan’s wedding day. And although we are said that we won’t be shooting on their grounds until next year, Megan + Brendan were such a fantastic way to end off our 2019 Temple’s weddings.

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Katherine + Mike

Temples-Sugar-Bush-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyWe’ve had some pretty hot weddings, and although Katherine + Mike’s day wasn’t the hottest on record for us, it was a very, very close second! But all’s well that ends well and this wedding ended very well as at the end of the day these two absolutely wonderful people were married!

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Andrew Haydon Park & Delta Hotel Wedding: Marie-France + Jonathan

Andrew Haydon Park & Delta Hotel Wedding Photography Stephanie Beach Photography-39Marie-France + Jonathan’s engagement session was so much fun that I knew their wedding day would nothing short of awesome! They were surrounded by such amazing family and friends, all there to support this super sweet couple.

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Wall Street Church & Brockville Rowing Club Wedding: Heather + Jules

Brockville Blockhouse Island Wedding Stephanie Beach PhotographyI have mentioned before that I grew up in a small town. It was the sort of place where most everyone knew each other. You may not have known their life story, but you knew their face and name. And right next to this small town was a small city (well actually there was a tiny village or two between, but you get the point). The two went hand-in-hand in my opinion since if you lived in the small town, you likely worked in the small city and definitely needed the larger stores, etc. that were there.

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