Strathmere Garden House Wedding: Danielle + Trevor

Once again, I don’t know where to start when it comes to this wedding. There have been so many wonderful couples this year who have waited so long for their wedding day to come, and Danielle + Trevor were definitely in that list. In fact, I really questioned myself when I went to write up their wedding day Instagram post using their engagement session photo because that session was all the way back in 2018!!

But the day was finally here and it was definitely worth the wait because it was just so darn amazing! Not only was it a beautiful day in terms of weather, but it was also filled with so much love and warmth for this truly wonderful couple. And I loved how much attention they paid to every aspect of their day, and how everything had such special meaning and purpose. From the photo wall chock full of great moments from the couple’s time together, right down to the signage used throughout the décor that was lovingly made by family, everything was so darn perfect. And of course there were the family heirloom diamonds that were incorporated into Danielle’s engagement ring that were the perfect addition to her stunning ring! And last, but certainly not least, were the delicious cupcakes Danielle’s mom made for everyone. She even gifted the couple a stand mixer so she can make them cupcakes easier when she comes to visit, haha!

The only thing that could have made this day any better would have been if it had taken place during one of their previous two wedding dates, haha!! But, like so many of our couples, Danielle + Trevor took it all in stride as they planned, re-planned and re-re-planned their perfect wedding day and I am just so happy that they finally got it and honoured that we got to capture it all for them.

Side note for just a second, I must admit that I don’t cry very often during weddings anymore. There are loads of heartfelt moments that I absolutely love as they fill my heart with so much warmth, but I don’t find myself holding back the tears as much anymore. But when the poem about how Love is Like a Dog was read, it was all I could do to keep my focus in my camera. It was so special and accurate! And of course, all I wanted to do was go home immediately to cuddle Kaylee and give her all the love!

It has been oh so very long since we did a photo booth and apparently I have missed them because I wasn’t even attending this one (that’s Dave’s role during the dancing portion of the evening) and I still found it to be oh so very much fun! Of course we had to change up the props a little and make sure there was adequate signage and hand sanitizer to make sure everyone was safe, but even with all the accommodations that were needed for covid, it was still such a hit with the guests!

Thanks to all of these amazing vendors who helped make this wedding possible!

Wedding Photography: Stephanie Beach Photography (that’s us!)
Photo Booth: Stephanie Beach Photography (that’s us!)
Videographer: Goose Creek Productions
Venue + Catering: Strathmere
Bridal Gown: Sophie’s Bridal
Groom + Groomsman’s Suit: Moore’s Clothing
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: Laysieng Couture
Make-Up Artist: Strathmere Retreat
Hair Stylist: Stephanie Richardson Hair Design
Officiant: Enduring Promises
DJ: Quality Entertainment

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