Ottawa Fall Lifestyle Family Session: The Gwilliams

I love doing sessions for people we actually know outside of our business life (aka friends). Not only is it an extra way I get to hang out with awesome people, but it also means the sessions are just so easy breezy. And in the case of Jessica + Jason, and their adorable little one Lena, it also meant that Kaylee got a play date with her boyfriend Gus.

Although, truth be told, I think Kaylee may be a little much for Gus. He is a mini Aussie and Kaylee used to be smaller than him, but not so much anymore now that she is full grown. And of course, she gets super duper excited whenever she sees him and her greeting I think is a little too energetic, too quickly for sweet Gus Gus. But that’s okay, they both had fun running around one of my absolute favourite session locations, w. And as luck would have it, turns out that this trail is one of the many that got upgraded to an off-leash park during covid, so they were able to run free and they seemed to have an absolute blast with that!

But you know what was even cuter than that?! Lena! I have always thought she was adorable even from the first time I saw her, but she was at peak cuteness during this session and oh so very good too! And of course, the cuteness was all snack-powered and as long as she had snack breaks between photos she was all smiles and giggles which just made my heart soar!

Also, the snack powered thing really just further proves my point that toddlers and dogs are very similar. Both will do tricks for treats and both will just end up doing their own thing most of the time, haha! That being said, both Lena and Gus were incredibly good all session long and made a liar out of whoever said to never work with kids or animals.

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