Jackson at the Zoo, Part Two

We went to the Toronto Zoo to visit the pandas, and they were pretty darn cute.
Pandas Toronto Zoo
But this little guy was pretty cute too – and really liked seeing all the animals. He tried to say their names and make their sounds, it was pretty freaking adorable.
Ottawa Child Photography - ToddlerWhite Lion Toronto Zoo
Toronto Polar BearToronto Zoo Polar BearToronto Zoo OtterToronto Zoo OtterToronto Zoo Otter Toronto Zoo Turtle Toronto Zoo Turtle Toronto Zoo Peacock Toronto Zoo EmuToronto Zoo WaterfallToronto Zoo Maccaw Toronto Zoo FlamingoesOttawa Child Photography - Toddler Ottawa Child Photography - Toddler Toronto Zoo Giraffe Toronto Zoo GiraffeOttawa Child Photography - Toddler
As I mentioned before, it was a really fun day at the zoo and Jackson seemed to have a ton of fun!

Jackson goes to the Zoo

A couple weekends ago we took a trip to the Toronto Zoo with my brother, sister-in-law and my adorable nephew, Jackson. We saw Lions and Tigers and Bear (oh my!) and adorable Pandas!! And somehow, despite all those adorable and awesome animals, the first photos I edited were of my favourite little monkey.
Ottawa Child Photography - ToddlerJackson had a couple teeny-tiny fits during the day, but he was really so good for a two year old!
Most of the time he just wanted to walk or pull the wagon his parents brought for him to ride around in. At one point, we put all of our gear in the wagon as he wasn’t using it but low and behold, he tried to pull it up a hill (it was a tiny inclined slope really). He was so determined to pull it that he would push away our hands when we tried to help him, or give us a glare when we pushed the back of it. He had fun, we had a laugh and everyone around us was smiling too. Eventually he let us help him and we carried on with our zoo trip.

Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens may have been my favourite (non-Disney) part of our trip. It was a little chilly (to be honest, the entire trip was a little on the cold side [for Florida] as it was during their cold snap), but that really just meant that there were significantly fewer people there!

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Homasassa Springs

Homasassa Springs has a large collection of wild and resident birds, crocodiles and of course, manatees. When we visited they had five female manatees that live in the Park. The ladies are protected from wild manatees by grates that can go up and down depending on various conditions of the areas. As I mentioned before, I really find these manatees peaceful and beautiful.

Homasassa Springs is also home to a hippo named Henry. The day we visited turned out to be Henry’s birthday, for which they gave him a new tire to play with.

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Indian Shores Seacoast Sea Bird Sanctuary

As the name implies, we also visited a sea bird sanctuary. They had a great deal of pelicans there as well as tother sea birds native to the Florida area.

We also got a chance to walk along the beach shores and saw some wild birds as well.

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