Jackson at the Zoo, Part Two

We went to the Toronto Zoo to visit the pandas, and they were pretty darn cute.
Pandas Toronto Zoo
But this little guy was pretty cute too – and really liked seeing all the animals. He tried to say their names and make their sounds, it was pretty freaking adorable.
Ottawa Child Photography - ToddlerWhite Lion Toronto Zoo
Toronto Polar BearToronto Zoo Polar BearToronto Zoo OtterToronto Zoo OtterToronto Zoo Otter Toronto Zoo Turtle Toronto Zoo Turtle Toronto Zoo Peacock Toronto Zoo EmuToronto Zoo WaterfallToronto Zoo Maccaw Toronto Zoo FlamingoesOttawa Child Photography - Toddler Ottawa Child Photography - Toddler Toronto Zoo Giraffe Toronto Zoo GiraffeOttawa Child Photography - Toddler
As I mentioned before, it was a really fun day at the zoo and Jackson seemed to have a ton of fun!

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