29 + 1

Today is my (29+1)th birthday.
I am no longer in my twenties and this makes me feel old.

Birthday Collage

Last year I did a photo compilation for my 29th birthday which happened to be my Champagne Birthday. In that post I mentioned that my 29th year had a lot to live up to as my 28th year had been so amazing. When I first started making my photo compilation and writing this post, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to say that my Champagne year had been great – but it really was!!

It was a wonderful year personally as I had some great adventures with Dave and our friends. We went on an Alaskan Cruise, which was unbelievably breathtaking – seriously, if you haven’t gone, you should really consider it! While we were on the cruise we got to visit both Seattle and Victoria which are to

o beautiful ocean-side cities. We also took a quick trip to Los Angeles where we toured the WB Studios (we even sat on the Friends’ Central Perk couch) and of course, went to Blizzcon where we got to meet some of our idols, play some new content and just generally be surrounded by our favourite games.

Professionally it was a fantastic year! I flew across the country and represented my company at a trade show and despite being ridiculously sick, it was a great experience. This year also marked the best year so far for my photography business. I had the opportunity to work with some absolutely amazing clients and have booked more weddings than I have ever had before (seriously – the 2014 wedding season is going to be insanely awesome)!! I have been very lucky in terms of getting exposure through friends and clients and am really looking forward to seeing where the business is a year from now.

We also spent some great time with our family including a super fun Thanksgiving weekend and my Dad’s 60th birthday – and of course lots of quality time with our nephew, Jackson.

I really was nervous about making such a big deal out of my 29th year and worried that it wouldn’t live up the image I had created in my head. But it did marvelously! I had an amazing year and even though I am turning 29 + 1 today, I think this year will be a really good one too – perhaps good enough that I will forget what 29 + 1 equals.

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