The wedding season starts this month and I am so.freaking.excited!!!


I’ve mentioned before that the 2013 season was great and I have mentioned time and time again on Facebook and Twitter about how pumped I am for the 2014 season. I have talked about both so much, that you are likely sick of hearing about it – so I will apologize in advance because I am about to mention it again.

My 2014 couples are so amazing I can’t wait to work with them! This year I will be shooting the weddinsg of my cousin; dear friends; high school companions and couples who mere months ago were complete strangers. I am honoured to capture each and every one of their weddings and really looking forward to sharing them all here with you.

Another reason that I am so happy about this coming season is that my couples are so different from one another and their weddings are going to be beautiful in such unique ways. From country weddings to city weddings; large weddings to small weddings; monochromatic weddings to super colourful weddings – this season has it all!!

Despite h0w busy I know the upcoming months are going to be, I can’t wait for it to start. Each and every weekend I find myself itching to be shooting my couples – and luckily, it will be time for the first wedding in only 18 more days.