Birthday Wrap-Up

Last weekend was my birthday and I want to start off by thanking everyone for all the lovely birthday cards, emails, phone calls, Facebook message and posts. I also got a great response from my 29 + 1 Birthday Collage. I am so glad everyone likes reading those posts because I enjoy making them. I have gotten asked a lot what we got up to on my Birthday, so I decided to make a follow-up post outlining my fantastic day.

Birthday Collage - 30 - Post

Dave started the day by making me a yummy breakfast. We then had to go to Service Ontario to get my driver’s license and plates renewed (I waited so long that I had no choice but to them that day). Fortunately, the line went fairly quickly and we were in and out in what seemed like a record time.

I had decided that I wanted to buy some new props for my photobooth for this season’s weddings, so we went around to various stores including Dollarama, Target and of course, the party store (this is where the majority of the props came from). I had never been to a Target before, even though they have been in Ottawa since the Spring, and I learned that I LOVE Target!! The aisles are super wide (so people don’t get in my way), the quality seems to be ever so slightly better than that other store, and the prices are still very reasonable. Maybe it was a bit of a novelty, but I had so much fun walking around the store — it also helped that we made a bunch of random purchases and I got some really useful and pretty things. We also bought Dave a present because apparently this year I decided that everyone would get presents on my birthday.

After the great trip to Target, we went to Dancing Don’s. We have been trying to find just the right pieces of furniture for our house (there are several empty rooms still), but we prefer higher quality items as they tend to last much longer (I don’t want to have to repurchase everything in a few years), so we figured a walk through their solid wood furniture store might help us figure things out. Dancing Don was actually in the store that day, which is apparently pretty rare since he is 87 and owns roughly 58 stores across the country. He is super nice and offered us some ‘sweetheart’ deals so we ended up buying a bunch of gorgeous furniture that I am super excited to get made and delivered!!

We had planned on going to a couple other stores, but since we bought so much at Dancing Don’s, we decided to quit while we were ahead. So the rest of the day consisted of eating super yummy food, playing various games at home, and labeling random things with the labeler I had purchased earlier in the week (the labeler is now properly labeled).

I put together the above tiny compilation of photos from my phone to showcase some of my day. Again, thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday, and a special thanks to Dave who made my day special. I was pretty nervous about turning old and wasn’t really sure how I wanted to spend my day and he made sure it was truly awesome.