Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

Weddings can be stressful! But they are also a very happy time and we work with all of our couples to make sure they are as peaceful as possible both on the big day and leading up to it. There are lots of tips and piece of advice floating around the internet, but I have put together a quick list of a few things to do and don’t do for the week leading up to your wedding (based on our experience).


Do wear your wedding shoes.
If you haven’t already done so, start breaking in those wedding shoes. There may be a lot of standing and walking on your big day and sore feet won’t help one bit. Consider comfortable insoles if your shoes allow them (or a pair of flats for later on in the day).

Do get your vendor payments organized.
For any day-of payments that are required or any tips, etc. that you are considering, get them organized before the big day. Try putting them in sealed, labeled envelopes and then find a trusty bridesmaid or groomsman to handle delivering them on the wedding day (there is no reason why you should be bothered with finances during your wedding).

Do relax!
Try getting a massage in the days leading up to your wedding. Or perhaps a mani-pedi, anything to pamper yourself really. Go ahead, you deserve it!

Do be prepared
Get any of those emergency items put together in one bag so they are accessible on the big day. Pack band-aids, bobby pins, safety pins, a needle and thread, a button, anything you think you could need during the wedding in a pinch.

Do think of your spouse
You are about to marry them after-all. But really, if you are exchanging gifts, don’t forget to wrap it and find out how and when you want to exchange gifts. Do you want to do it privately beforehand or later on in the evening, or would you prefer to do them when you are getting ready with you friends and family. Whether or not you are exchanging gifts, a little love-note is such a sweet idea and something you will hold onto for years to come.

Don’t change your hair
Stay away from getting your hair done or coloured so close to your wedding day. This is even more important if it is a style you have never tried before.

Don’t get tanned
A sunkissed look may come across great in your wedding photos, but orange skin does not! Stay clear from tanning salons, sprays and whatnot this close to your big day. Especially if you aren’t a regular!

Don’t get waxed
Stay clear of the esthetician in the days leading to your wedding unless you are a regular and know how your skin will react. The last thing you want is a weird reaction or a badly waxed eyebrow.

Don’t use anything new
Stay clear of new products, especially ones for your face or any other area that will be visible in your dress. A little pimple can be easily hidden by your make-up artist and photographer, but a big breakout or, dare I say, rash may be noticeable even with the best support!

Don’t worry
You have hired the very best vendors you could find (hopefully including us!) and they know what they are doing. If you have any last minute concerns, let them know, but otherwise, get ready to enjoy your day and look forward to spending the rest of your days with the love of your life!

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