Perth Wedding: Valery + RJ

PerthWedding-StephanieBeachPhotographyI mentioned in their sneak peek how much Valery + RJ loved and appreciated each other and how evident this was throughout their wedding day. From the private looks to the declarations during their speeches and of course, all throughout their portraits, you could really see the heartwarming love they share.

Not only did they share such a strong love for one another, but they are also that caring for their closest friends and family. It was so important to them to have these people be a part of their big day and it made it even more of an honour for us to be able to capture everything for them.

Their day was full of so many personal details from the book page candle holders to the one-of-a-kind butterfly bouquets. All of these little details on top of the beauty of our couple and historic downtown Perth, it really was a fantastic day!

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We had such a great time at Val + RJ’s wedding and were so thrilled to be able to capture it all.

Wedding Photography: Stephanie Beach Photography
Wedding Venue: Civitan Club of Perth
Wedding Portrait Location: Stewart Park
Wedding Dress: All That Glitters Bridal
Bridesmaids’ Dresses: David’s Bridal & Le Chateau
Groom’s Suits: Moore’s
Ties: Le Chateau
Hair & Make-up: Parkside Spa
Hall Decor: Bride & Family with setup by Civitan Club of Perth
DJ: Kevin Carnrite
Cakes & Cupcakes: Christina Schur Rombough

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