Ottawa Arboretum Engagement Session: Jessica + Steve, Sneak Peek

Arboretum-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-maple-treeWhenever couples ask me if they can include their pet(s) in their engagement session I am always 100 per cent up for it. Not only will it allow me to grab some different photos for them, but it was also let them capture their family in full, including their furry, four-legged companions. The only recommendation or request I make is for them to try to bring someone along who can take care of the furry family members while we capture some non-pet focused photos.

Luckily, Jessica was able to bring along her mom to watch over Elsa the kitty while Jessica + Steve absolutely rocked their session! Elsa did get a little startled a couple times (but luckily was smart enough to not venture off too far) and ended up spending the majority of the session in the safety and comfort of her carrier, but she still did an absolutely fabulous job when it came time for her part of the shoot.

And of course, absolutely any Wednesday morning is instantly made a million times better with a quick stroll through the Ottawa Arboretum. Especially when I get to tour all of my favourite willow trees and teeny bridges with two people as wonderful as Jess + Steve. I’ve been looking forward to this engagement session for a while because somehow I just knew it was going to be great, and I was definitely right about that! And now that we have captured their engagement, I am extra pumped for their wedding next year!!


And of course, because it would be mean to talk about this adventurous little feline without showing a photo of her in this post, here is Elsa all cuddled up in Jessica’s arms. Super cute, right (although I am pretty sure she was plotting another escape at this very moment)?!


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