Strathmere Garden House Wedding: Courteney + Steve, Sneak Peek

Strathmere-Garden-House-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-bride-groom-portraitCourteney + Steve’s engagement session last year was a little on the damp side (okay, maybe a touch more than just a little). But in the end it didn’t matter one little bit because these two hit every pose I threw their way right out of the park. And honestly, their wedding day was absolutely no different whatsoever – well, with the obvious exception of the weather being absolutely gorgeous looking without even one rain cloud in sight (although it was quite hot in the direct sunlight, if I do say so myself).

Without question, I have been looking forward to this wedding day ever since I captured that fantastic engagement session at the Ornamental Gardens and surrounding area. Courteney + Steve just did such a wonderful job and were just so sweet and fun to be around that I knew their wedding day was going to be truly awesome! And it definitely was a wonderful day full of not only lots of fun and entertainment (seriously, so many entertaining and shenanigan-inducing guests), but tons of thoughtful details, touching moments too and of course, loads of love and well wishes for this genuinely kind couple.

We had such an absolute blast at Courteney + Steve’s wedding and I cannot wait to share more from their day (especially those photobooth images!!), but for now I will just leave you all with this little sneak peek (although to be honest, picking just these photos for the sneak peek was pretty difficult as there were so many I wanted to share right away!).


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