Merrickville Engagement Session: Devin + Brad

Merrickville-Winter-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-snow-sunflare-coupleThe air hurt my face today. Honestly, I walked from the car to the cart return area at the grocery store earlier today and the skin on my forehead felt like it was going to die. I was properly dressed and almost completely covered from head to toe except for that one area on my forehead and the bitter cold wind found it and attacked with a vengeance!

I realize I am far from the first person to complain about the cold, and so far Ottawa isn’t the worst off in comparison to other place with the bizarre cold snap everyone is feeling right now, but I bring it up because that cold wind reminded me so much of my first winter engagement session of this season. It was cold and the wind was bitter and vengeful, but luckily it wasn’t nearly as bad as it was today and even more luckily, I got to hang out with some pretty awesome people and one really great dog!

Devin + Brad did such a marvelous job with their engagement session! They nailed every pose so naturally and were such troopers when it came to that cold wind. They were also an absolute delight to chat with throughout the session and listened to me ramble on without complaint (now that I don’t work in an actual office I tend to talk more than usual during non-wedding sessions). But as I mentioned in their sneak peek, they did have one contender for the best subject that day — their dog Wolfie.

I have mentioned a few times now how if you are planning to have your pet at your session, I definitely recommend bringing along an extra human (aka friend or family member) just to make sure your pet is entertained and taken care of when they are not in the actual photos. Devin + Brad were super on top of things and had done just that (shout out to Jenn who took care of Wolfie and helped us lug things around Merrickville during the session). But what helps even more is if you have a really well behaved pet – and Wolfie was so very, very good!

Wolfie listened and posed so well and it was only at the end of the session that he decided he had more important things to attend to – squirrels. But even then, he didn’t run off or act crazy or anything like that, he just used his hawk eyes (or perhaps his super squirrel sense that is reserved just for dogs) and stared at them. He did end up shaking excitingly as there were many in the trees around us at the end of the session and that was pretty great for him I guess.

We couldn’t be more excited to be capturing Devin + Brad’s wedding next year and the only thing I would change is that I wish it was closer so we could work with them that much sooner!


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