Top Posts of 2017

Gatineau-Golf-Club-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-bouquet-bride-groomOkay, so here it is – my final 2017 recap post: The Top (Blog) Posts of 2017. The most trafficked posts we published over the last year according to you, our readers.

But before we get into the countdown, I just wanted to once again thank you all for your continued support this past year. I owe so much of our success to our clients and loyal followers, and although I already thanked our wedding couples from the last year in yesterday’s post, I feel the need to thank you all again for letting us be part of your wedding days.

And to thank all of our non-wedding clients for having the faith in us to capture your wonderful portraits, letting us into your homes and families to capture your milestones and allowing us to be a part of your events throughout the last year. We truly wouldn’t be able to do this thing that we love so much without all of you.

Okay, so on to the posts!!

5. Ellen + Graham
Evermore had been on my list of venues I wanted to work at for a little while so when Ellen + Graham reached out to us I was super excited – but honestly the more I got to know them and about their wedding day, my excitement quickly changed from being venue-based to being all about getting to work with these two kind-hearted, thoughtful people. Their wedding day was not only filled with beautiful people, but also with many beautiful moments and memories.


4. Jennifer + Bergil
Jenn + Bergil’s wedding looked like it belonged on the pages of a magazine! Seriously, if I hadn’t watched them set it up themselves, I would have thought a very talented wedding planner had put it all together. Every little detail was so well thought out and put into actions – it was a dream to shoot! And, as I mentioned in yesterday’s Thank You post, the way Bergil looked at Jenn was truly something else. The only way I can think to describe it is the way the boy next door stares at his true love longingly and lovingly, although she doesn’t seem to clue in until the very end of the movie. But this wasn’t a movie, it was real life and Jenn clearly felt the same way about Bergil. Their entire day was so amazing to witness and capture for them.


3. Krystal + Luke
This is definitely a wedding day you will be seeing more of as I get our 2018 promo material ready because, much like Krystal in that stunning dress, it was a total knockout! The venue, surroundings, weather, decor, suits, dresses, florals, and of course, wonderful people, everything was 100% on point throughout their entire day and I left on a complete high (although we were both exhausted from the long day). Add to all of that magic, a couple filled with love and happiness, who trusted us and our photographic vision and Krystal + Luke’s wedding day was like a fairy tale for me!


2. Mary + Adam
What happens when a planner gets married you ask – well a super fun wedding weekend in the forest, that’s what! Mary + Adam planned not only their wedding day, but an entire getaway weekend for their friends and family. There were games and events all weekend long and their wedding day even ended with a campfire complete with marshmallow treats and some really talented performers. And can we just take another look at how truly elegant Mary looked in that wedding dress!?!

Red Pine Camp Golden Lake Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography 29Red Pine Camp Golden Lake Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography 20Red Pine Camp Golden Lake Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography 23

1. Shannon + Kevin
Since this wedding day was near the start of our 2017 season, and because I loved it so incredibly much, you have probably already noticed me using it on our social media pages and promo material. But really, how could I resist?! Shannon + Kevin had such a marvelous wedding day filled with some of my favourite colour wedding colour palettes and details, that I find myself being drawn to it over and over again. Plus, these two are such amazing people that I really don’t mind seeing their awesome faces all the time.


Our Runner-Up: Chantal + Mathieu’s Engagement Session
We had some pretty freaking great engagement sessions this past year, but this one is definitely one of my favs. Chantal + Mat picked a beautiful setting for their session and since they were able to meet me there super early on a weekday morning, we were able to access it all before the walkers, hikers and tourists (and other photographers) pounced on it. That mixed with their absolutely dazzling personalities and great sense of humour meant we not only got some really gorgeous images, but had a truly great time too (despite the pesky bugs)!


Well, there you go everyone – our top posts of 2017! I am so happy with how 2017 went with respect to our business and am so incredibly thankful to all of our amazing clients (both wedding and non-wedding related). 2018 is shaping up to be pretty darn amazing too and although I am still enjoying the slower pace of the off-season, I am so incredibly excited for the 2018 wedding season to kick-off in a few short months!