Tuesday’s Top Tips: 6 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Colours

6-Tips-for-Choosing-Your-Wedding-Colours-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyFor some, choosing their wedding colours is super obvious, but for others, it is a daunting task with an overwhelming number of options. And although it can work out in some cases, choosing your colours may not be as simple as picking your favourite colours and making them the base decision for every design element in your wedding. Today wedding palettes can consist of multiple colours that compliment each other and create some really great texture and character to your day. And most importantly, you want to pick a palette that you will love looking back on each and every time you look at your photos.

So to help out with this decision, today I am sharing 6 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Colours that will hopefully help you narrow things down a bit.

  1. Location, Location, Location
    The architecture and design elements within your venue may lend themselves to certain colour palettes better than others so definitely take this into consideration when picking your wedding day colours. Try to find colours that work with the existing components throughout your venue as you definitely don’t everything to clash horribly!
    Side Tip: Take photos of the elements in your venue you really love and bring them along when you are dress shopping and planning your other decor items.
  1. Think Seasonally
    The different seasons tend to lend themselves to certain colour palettes so this is something to think about when picking out your wedding colours. Spring tends to lend itself to soft pastel while Summer colours tend to lean more towards the brighter tones. Rich jewel tones always look good in Fall while metallic and dark colours really make a Winter wedding pop. Of course, when all is said and done, don’t be afraid to break the traditional colour rules if you find a colour palette you really love.
    Bonus Tip: Neutral colour palettes are not only super popular right now, but they go with pretty much any season too! And although metallics are traditionally winter colours, this trend works great as an accent in any season!


  1. Support Your Team
    Are you or your partner a huge hockey or baseball (or any other sport) fan and want to incorporate that into your wedding day? Maybe incorporating your teams colours into the wedding palette is the way to do just that. When my brother got married, his one request was that they use Toronto Maple Leaf blue as their primary wedding colour (and yes, I realize that isn’t a popular opinion here in Ottawa). It not only helped make that decision for them, but it meant that the colour choice had a special meaning too!
  1. Take a Look in Your Closet
    People tend to dress themselves in colours they not only love, but that they also look great in! Checking out your closet can be a great way to spot a pattern in your colour preferences and help you find a palette that you will compliment your personal style.


  1. Check Out Your Home Decor
    While you are looking around, check out your home decor as well as there are likely some common colour palettes there that you obviously enjoy surrounding yourself with. Choosing colours that match or compliment your home decor will also help after the big day as it means your prints and albums will find a natural home on your walls and coffee table and look great among your existing items!
  1. Go with Your Gut?
    In the end, go with your gut feeling and don’t overthink it! There is so much more to your wedding day than just the colours and the most important part of it all is that you and your guests have a great and memorable time. And remember, is anyone really going to hold that napkin up against your ladies’ dresses to see if they are a perfect match? (and if they do, just say something about the lighting and the way it is reflecting off the different fabrics)

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And if you are still struggling to pick the right combo, definitely talk to your wedding pros. If you have narrowed things down to a couple options, or if you have one colour you know you want incorporated, they can help you visualize your actual wedding day better. A wedding planner, for example, can give you some great visual options to help you figure things out (the mood boards they can create can be really helpful and beautiful!).


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