Killaloe Winter Engagement Session: Patricia + Mike

Ottawa-Valley-Winter-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyWe are fortunate enough to work with couples we really love and who share a similar outlook when it comes to their wedding days. They trust us to be able to capture that for them and it really does mean the world to us. And sometimes we find couples (or rather they find us) that we really, really click with. Couples who have that  down-to-earth, genuinely kind nature we are drawn to. The nicest thing about all of this, is that we end up having so much fun each and every time we get to hang out with them. Patricia + Mike are, without question, one of these couples!

I mentioned in their sneak peek that during the entire drive out to Killaloe I was scanning the trees hoping for them to fill with beautiful snow the closer we got to our destination. And luckily that is exactly what we got – beautiful snowy trees and fresh, white snow on the ground. But honestly, the surroundings could have been a visual mess and I still would have had a blast throughout this entire engagement session!

Patricia + Mike are honestly two of the nicest people ever. So nice in fact, that I didn’t mind spending an afternoon in the chilly, chilly forest tromping through the snow. And yes, getting chauffeured around on a four-wheeler definitely helped, but really it was the company that made it so great – including the four-legged companions who joined us for a portion of the shoot.

Diesel and Guinness may not have been the best at sitting still, and they may have run in and out of shots that didn’t include them a few times, but they made up for all of that with immense cuteness. Add to that the fact that once Patricia + Mike found them some bribes, these two pups did a great job in front of the lens!

When it comes right down to it, this session has made me just oh so very happy that these two found us and even more so, it has made me so freaking pumped for Patricia + Mike’s wedding day later this year!!


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