Killaloe Winter Engagement Session: Patricia + Mike

Ottawa-Valley-Winter-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyWe are fortunate enough to work with couples we really love and who share a similar outlook when it comes to their wedding days. They trust us to be able to capture that for them and it really does mean the world to us. And sometimes we find couples (or rather they find us) that we really, really click with. Couples who have that  down-to-earth, genuinely kind nature we are drawn to. The nicest thing about all of this, is that we end up having so much fun each and every time we get to hang out with them. Patricia + Mike are, without question, one of these couples!

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Killaloe Winter Engagement Session: Patricia + Mike, Sneak Peek

Ottawa-Valley-Winter-Engagement-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographySo as all of your friends and family have probably notified you through social media, it’s snowing again – and not just a little either. Despite the fact that the snow was almost gone from most yards and the temperature was quite delightful outside recently, the chilly wind and snow are back.

But I’m not complaining because the fresh snow made for an absolutely gorgeous backdrop for Patricia + Mike’s winter engagement session, which was made all the better by the fact that these two were an absolute delight to spend an afternoon with!

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Ottawa Winter Engagement Session: Jordanna + Kevin

Ottawa Winter Engagement Session Stephanie Beach Photography 05It was day not unlike the day I am writing this post…super sunny with bright blue skies and just a hint of snow left. Jordy + Kevin’s engagement session will be the last one to be called a winter session, until much later this year, and it was definitely a great one to end with!

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