Ottawa Studio Newborn Photography: Clark

Ottawa-Studio-Newborn-Photography-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyThis little stinker may have peed all over me, and made me learn how to get poop stains out of fabrics, but it was oh so very worth it and I am in love with Clark’s photos and his session was just the energy boost I needed to be able to get through the rest of the week I had scheduled!!

And what was even better than his wonderful session was getting to hang out with his super awesome parents. Dad had to head back to work after we finished up with their parent photos, but I loved getting to chat with Clark’s Mom as I enjoyed taking so very many photos of this little cutie! I often have to warn clients who come over for a consult or session that since I work from home and am on my own for the majority of the day, I don’t get to talk to very many people throughout the workweek and as such, I have a tendency to be a bit of a chatterbox when people are around. But I feel like new moms totally get it since they are also on their own for large portions of the day, and although they have a brand new tiny human to interact with, newborns aren’t great for actual conversations. This is something I knew before starting the Newborn + Family Studio, but it has definitely been reinforced as I get to interact with all these awesome parents.

But back to Clark, I mean this is his session and all. He was so adorable and squishy and all-around wonderful to work with. In fact, he was pretty much perfection in front of the camera! Also – how cute is he as a little trash panda (aka raccoon for anyone who doesn’t know the term)?!


Wraps: Stephanie Beach Photography
Pants + Sleeper Hat: No. 2 Willow Lane
Felted Heart: Feather and Fern Canada