Ottawa Studio Twin Newborn Photography: Charlie + Lily

Ottawa-Twin-Newborn-Studio-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI’m not going to lie, I was equal parts excited and nervous for Charlie + Lily’s newborn session. Although I had done a twin session before, I was super nervous that maybe it was just a fluke that I got through that previous one on my own, or really at all. And then of course, Dave’s question of whether or not I needed an assistant didn’t really help since he asked it the morning of the session, like 2 hours before the babies were due to arrive (he was really just being curious and not trying to be critical at all). But as it turns out, these little cuties had no plans of making things too hard on me, and their session was pretty amazing, if I do say so myself!

Lily was a champ and one of the chillest babies I have had in the studio to date. Charlie, on the other hand, had different plans than his sister and was determined to make me work for it. That being said though, I think he really only seemed a little fussy when compared to his sister. When I was going through their photos I realized that he was actually really great during both the duo and individual photos and had it been a solo session just for him I would have considered him to be pretty wonderful in terms of his sleepiness, etc. But I guess when your sister is the sleepiest babe in the bassinet, your occasional cry or movement out of a pose seems way more difficult than it actually is.

I truly had such a wonderful time with these two little ones. If they had let me, I would have kept photographing them all day long! But they needed to get back home and since twin newborn sessions are already a little longer than other newborn sessions, I had already gotten some extra time with them, which was pretty lovely!


Baby Spanx, Sleeper Caps + Pants: No. 2 Willow Lane
Blue Pants: Azure Raine
Headbands: Dear Felicity Boutique
Heart Lovies: Feather + Fern Canada
Select Wraps: Freebird Prop Shoppe
Additional Wraps, Outfits, Headbands, Backgrounds + Braided Blankets: Stephanie Beach Photography