Wakefield Le Belvedere Wedding: Shalane + Riley

During the peak wedding season, our family and friends often ask about our schedule. Rather than telling them what days we are booked, I tend to tell them the one or two weekend dates we have open for the months of September and October. But this year, after telling them all that, I also had to add in the random Tuesday we had booked for a wedding as it meant we were taking time off around that day.

Now Tuesday may seem like a really weird day for a wedding, but honestly, Shalane + Riley’s mid-week wedding was rather perfect!

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Le Belvedere Wedding: Sarah + Isabelle

Le-Belvedere-Wedding-Ottawa-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI honestly don’t even know where to start when describing Sarah + Isabelle’s wedding day because literally every thing about it was a complete and utter knockout! The decor, the vendors, the view, the people, the shenanigans and, because it deserves to be mentioned at least twice, the people! Seriously even with all the amazing things that this wedding had, the people were what made it so indescribably amazing. From the wedding party to the families everyone was so sweet and helpful and full of so much love for this wonderful couple.

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Le Belvedere Wedding: Karen + Jason

le-belvedere-wakefield-bridge-wedding-stephanie-beach-photography-62There were so many amazingly touching moments during Karen + Jay’s wedding. So many in fact that as I was editing their photos, I would stumble across one that would remind me of a moment, and I would scribble a note about how I wanted to write about it for their blog post. So I now have a list as long as my arm full of just the sweetest little moments from their wedding day and I am completely filled with joy and warmth when I read through it.

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Le Belvedere Wedding: Karen + Jason, Sneak Peek

le-belvedere-wakefield-bridge-wedding-stephanie-beach-photography-02As photographers we tend to be one of the few wedding day vendors that are with our couples for pretty much their entire wedding day. We see the couple before they see one another, as they commit their lives to one another in front of their friends and families, as we capture their love in their portraits, and of course, as they celebrate their day during their reception. And throughout all of these moments, we get to see just how much they love one another. And each and every wedding has been a joy to be a part of.

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Stylized Ottawa Wedding at Le Belvedere

Le Belvedere Stylized Shoot_Stephanie Beach PhotographyI mentioned in the sneak peek that the drive up to Wakefield is so beautiful and is only going to get better looking as the trees fill with leaves (and think of how stunning this place will look in the Fall with all those amazing colours!). It is a wonderful drive and an even better spot for weddings, which is likely why Le Belvedere chose it for their fantastic venue and why our time spent there was not only a feast for the eyes, but a ton of fun also!

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