Le Belvedere Wedding: Karen + Jason, Sneak Peek

le-belvedere-wakefield-bridge-wedding-stephanie-beach-photography-02As photographers we tend to be one of the few wedding day vendors that are with our couples for pretty much their entire wedding day. We see the couple before they see one another, as they commit their lives to one another in front of their friends and families, as we capture their love in their portraits, and of course, as they celebrate their day during their reception. And throughout all of these moments, we get to see just how much they love one another. And each and every wedding has been a joy to be a part of.

This pattern wasn’t really any different with Karen + Jay, with the exception of the degree to which they care for one another. We got to spend some quiet time with both of them leading up to the ceremony and their sweet words about one another, their emotions and their genuine love was so evident and so incredibly touching (in fact, it made me teary-eyed and joyfully happy multiple times throughout their day). All of this was only strengthened once the two of them were together. It was truly an honour to not only be witnesses to their day, but to be able to capture it for them.


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