Ottawa Family Session: Sarah, Anders + Emily

andrew-haydon-park-ottawa-family-session-stephanie-beach-photography-03Their session was originally planned for a week or so earlier, but the rain postponed things a bit. I thought it would be a little poetic if their family session included the rain (as their wedding day was full of it), but I was reminded (and rightly so) that howling winds and lots of water falling and blowing about isn’t the best way to keep a little one happy. So we aimed for a different day, that was free of rain during the session, although it was threatening it the entire time.

So much so in fact, that about 2 minutes after we wrapped up, the rain started (it didn’t last very long). So I suppose I still got the continuity of rain for their sessions, while the weather did its part to keep Emily happy. That being said, from the looks of it, Emily is a pretty happy and smiley baby just in general, especially when photo sessions are smartly timed for right after her nap.

I am so glad I got to catch up with this wonderful family and to get a chance to officially meet Emily. I did get to see her at a wedding show earlier this year (her Mum is the creator and publisher of the fantastic Ottawa Bride magazine), and was able to see her adorableness as she slept. But getting to see her when she is a little older and has grown into her sweet personality was even better (and being awake makes this type of session better too).

I said it in their sneak peek, but it is so true that I think it can be said again here, this family is such a joy to work with. Their kindness and support has been so wonderful over that last couple years and with parents as great as Sarah + Anders, I can’t wait to see the amazing person this little one is bound to grow up to be.

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