Wakefield Le Belvedere Wedding: Shalane + Riley

During the peak wedding season, our family and friends often ask about our schedule. Rather than telling them what days we are booked, I tend to tell them the one or two weekend dates we have open for the months of September and October. But this year, after telling them all that, I also had to add in the random Tuesday we had booked for a wedding as it meant we were taking time off around that day.

Now Tuesday may seem like a really weird day for a wedding, but honestly, Shalane + Riley’s mid-week wedding was rather perfect!

Not only did it mean they actually got to book at their ideal venue, as Le Belvedere’s prime Friday + weekend dates book out ages in advance (particularly since the pandemic), it also meant they got to take advantage of all the perks of a non-weekend wedding day. Since the majority of their guests were from out of town (and were therefore in the area for a number of days), or had the flexibility to be able to attend a weekday event, it actually worked out for them too! Plus, as luck would have it, the weather this year has tended to be gorgeous throughout the week and then a little gloomy and/or rainy on the weekends. Meaning Shalane + Riley got an absolutely stunning day for the weather too!

But when it comes right down to it, I don’t think it would have mattered for one second what day their wedding took place because it was bound to be beautiful in every way no matter the day. This amazing couple, with they circle of friends + family to surround and support them (and take the place of paparazzi throughout your day [in the best way possible of course], haha!), made their wedding special and memorable for everyone. And when you add in that gorgeous view, and spectacular sunset (yay for being so high up at Le Belvedere that it adds some bonus sunset time that you don’t get at other venues), you really couldn’t ask for much more!

Thanks to all of these amazing vendors who helped make this wedding possible!

Wedding Photography: Stephanie Beach Photography (that’s us!)
Venue + Catering: Le Belvedere
Make-up Artist: Yelena Perunov
Hair Stylist: Dominique from Bombshell Hair Design
Flowers: Ottawa Flowers
Baker: Thimble Cakes
Officiant: Brigitte Samson from All Seasons Weddings

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