Rockcliffe Pavilion First Year Portraits & Cake Smash Session: Elek

The weather has been so weird lately. Raining in the morning and nice and sunny in the afternoon. It’s nice that things are turning nicer by the end of the day, but it makes it really hard to figure out if sessions should go ahead or not!

That being said, Little Elek made my life super easy during his session, as not only was he super adorable, but he was also pretty darn patient for a one-year old!

And when I say patient, that meant he let us all wait for about 5 minutes while we watched the sun dip behind and then back out from a big nasty dark cloud. I have learned over the years that time is precious during these sessions since the patience and attention span of a one year old is fleeting to say the least. But I am oh so very glad we waited for the sun to poke back out as it was so nice and glowy, especially when compared to the gloominess that existed without the sun.

And on top of being patient, this little dude was so incredibly quick! I mean, I just wasn’t ready at all for how speedy Elek’s crawl was! He booted around in every direction any (and every) chance he got and each and every time I was amazed by how quick he was. It’s good thing his parents were used to it though because they were ready to catch him right before he got anywhere he shouldn’t be, haha!

It really was just the perfect little first portraits and cake smash session complete with Little Elek’s smile which is pretty much guaranteed to lift anyone spirits in an instant!