Rockcliffe Park Maternity Session: Chantal

Rockcliffe-Park-Ottawa-Maternity-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI used to arrive to every session with a set shot list. I knew exactly where I was going to walk around, what spots I would stop at, and each photo I would take. It helped me feel comfortable throughout the session and ensure I got the right photos during it too. I have shot a lot of session since those days and I no longer go in with my mind so set on everything. In fact, I noticed the other day during an engagement session that I now just follow the light around. Sure I still show up early and take a gander at what Mother Nature is providing that day in terms of nature, weather, and most importantly light. And I typically make up some sort of rough game plan, but for the most part I just follow the light around the location.

And that is exactly what happened during Chantal’s maternity session. The light streaming through the late summer/early fall leaves was absolutely mesmerizing and of course, Chantal was completely stunning!!

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Rockcliffe Park Engagement Session: Laura + Kevin

Rockcliffe Engagement Session Ottawa, Stephanie Beach PhotographyI have never been a patient person. I think anyone who knows me would attest to that fact. But, sometimes in life you just have to wait and when I started in the business of weddings, I learned that waiting is a big part of it.

Most couples book their weddings roughly a year in advance (on average), and for the majority of them, their wedding photographer is one of the first things they get in place. So this means, that after meeting a super awesome couple and hearing about their amazing wedding plans, I have to sit around and wait for months and months before I get to shoot said amazing wedding. That part sucks – the waiting. But for a lot of our couples, we have engagement sessions, which are a great idea for many reasons, but I really enjoy them as it gives me a chance to hang out with that awesome couple before their wedding day.

But sometimes, like with Laura + Kevin’s session, you end up waiting for that too.

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Rockcliffe Park Engagement Session: Laura + Kevin, Sneak Peek

Rockcliffe Engagement Session Ottawa, Stephanie Beach PhotographyThe world is a small place. I learned this again when Laura + Kevin mentioned that they were also guests at Cyndi + Rodney‘s wedding. That being said, I did forget that fact before the big day and so when we ran into them (pretty much literally) at the wedding it was an extra special treat!

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