Rockcliffe Park Maternity Session: Chantal

Rockcliffe-Park-Ottawa-Maternity-Session-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyI used to arrive to every session with a set shot list. I knew exactly where I was going to walk around, what spots I would stop at, and each photo I would take. It helped me feel comfortable throughout the session and ensure I got the right photos during it too. I have shot a lot of session since those days and I no longer go in with my mind so set on everything. In fact, I noticed the other day during an engagement session that I now just follow the light around. Sure I still show up early and take a gander at what Mother Nature is providing that day in terms of nature, weather, and most importantly light. And I typically make up some sort of rough game plan, but for the most part I just follow the light around the location.

And that is exactly what happened during Chantal’s maternity session. The light streaming through the late summer/early fall leaves was absolutely mesmerizing and of course, Chantal was completely stunning!!

But really what else could she have been. Every time I get the pleasure of working with Chantal I am reminded of her classic, seemingly effortless beauty and it is such a joy to get to capture it for her throughout all these amazing milestones.

Her and Mat’s engagement session was an absolute blast and their wedding day was so wonderful. In fact, I think they deserve an extra special shout out since their first anniversary was just this past weekend! I love getting to work with our clients again and again, if not for the great photos, then to be able to catch up with them as we really do get to work with the very best people! I am so looking forward to meeting their newborn session once their little one arrives (which for Chantal’s sake I hope is soon)!