Intimate Wedding at Rockcliffe Park Pavilion: Brook + Kyle

Another beautiful wedding and another gorgeous sun-filled day. Oh wait, that’s not how 2021 has gone at all!

It may not have been great for the weather, again, but in tried and true fashion, the couple made the most of it and didn’t let the rain get them down for one instant. Brook + Kyle took the entire day in stride and the fact that her dress was wet before they left the parking lot didn’t seem to bother Brook as she really was focused on the most important part of the day – marrying her lovely groom!

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Rockcliffe Pavilion First Year Portraits & Cake Smash Session: Elek

The weather has been so weird lately. Raining in the morning and nice and sunny in the afternoon. It’s nice that things are turning nicer by the end of the day, but it makes it really hard to figure out if sessions should go ahead or not!

That being said, Little Elek made my life super easy during his session, as not only was he super adorable, but he was also pretty darn patient for a one-year old!

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Rockcliffe Pavilion Wedding: Maritza + Ismael

Do you remember near the start of the summer when the forecast was calling for rain literally every afternoon? As the day passed the forecast would push the rain further another hour again and again until eventually it would just push it to the next day’s forecast. As a photographer, this was incredibly annoying! Not only were couple’s unsure as to whether or not we would need to postpone their engagement or family session, but no one had any clue what wedding days were going to be in terms of the weather. And this of course meant I had to pack and carry around way more equipment than I really needed to. Very annoying.

Although to be honest, it was always a plus when that rain was pushed to the next day because it meant our couples got a beautiful, albeit very hot and humid, wedding day instead of one that needed towels and umbrellas. This was the case for Maritza + Ismael, who persevered through the muggy weather like champs and definitely made the most of not on the weather, but also the gorgeous location they had chosen!

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Rockcliffe Park Engagement Session: Laura + Kevin

Rockcliffe Engagement Session Ottawa, Stephanie Beach PhotographyI have never been a patient person. I think anyone who knows me would attest to that fact. But, sometimes in life you just have to wait and when I started in the business of weddings, I learned that waiting is a big part of it.

Most couples book their weddings roughly a year in advance (on average), and for the majority of them, their wedding photographer is one of the first things they get in place. So this means, that after meeting a super awesome couple and hearing about their amazing wedding plans, I have to sit around and wait for months and months before I get to shoot said amazing wedding. That part sucks – the waiting. But for a lot of our couples, we have engagement sessions, which are a great idea for many reasons, but I really enjoy them as it gives me a chance to hang out with that awesome couple before their wedding day.

But sometimes, like with Laura + Kevin’s session, you end up waiting for that too.

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Rockcliffe Park Engagement Session: Laura + Kevin, Sneak Peek

Rockcliffe Engagement Session Ottawa, Stephanie Beach PhotographyThe world is a small place. I learned this again when Laura + Kevin mentioned that they were also guests at Cyndi + Rodney‘s wedding. That being said, I did forget that fact before the big day and so when we ran into them (pretty much literally) at the wedding it was an extra special treat!

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