Happy Anniversary Hayley + Jon

Ottawa Fall Wedding Stephanie Beach PhotographyThis time last year we were getting ready for our last wedding of the 2014 season. And while I recover from yesterday wedding (which happens to be the last one for us for the 2015 season), I wanted to take a look back at the absolutely wonderful wedding of Hayley + Jon.

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Testimonial Highlight #8

Ottawa Fall Wedding Stephanie Beach PhotographyHayley + Jon’s wedding was definitely one of the highlights of the 2014 wedding season, but not because of the amazing DIY details throughout the entire day, not because of the gorgeous weather we had or the beautiful fall colours, not even because of the delicious meal or the cookie table with so many delicious treats. It was a highlight because of all of the little moments where I would catch Hayley + Jon smiling at each other, just being so in love and so happy. Continue reading “Testimonial Highlight #8”

Ottawa Fall Wedding: Hayley + Jon

Ottawa Fall Wedding Stephanie Beach PhotographyI grew up in a small town where everyone pretty much knew each other. It wasn’t so small that you knew every intimate detail of everyone’s life, but you knew their names and usually where they lived, who their parents and siblings were, etc. I moved to Ottawa for after high school and have been here ever since. I have very fond memories of growing up in my small town and even fonder memories of most of the people I grew up with. So it is an extra special treat when I get to capture the wedding day of one of those people I grew up with.

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Ottawa Sunrise

Ottawa Sunrise Stephanie Beach Photography

This city is beautiful. It has such a great combination of scenery from the urban to the truly rural. And ever since the bridge opened up here in Barrhaven I have been able to take in more of those rural scenes as I drive across the city each morning.

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Ottawa Fall Wedding: Hayley + Jon, Sneak Peek

And with yesterday over, the end to this amazing wedding season has finally come. I am sore and tired and utterly exhausted…and I wouldn’t change a single second of this past season!

Ottawa Fall Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography

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