Happy Anniversary Hayley + Jon

Ottawa Fall Wedding Stephanie Beach PhotographyThis time last year we were getting ready for our last wedding of the 2014 season. And while I recover from yesterday wedding (which happens to be the last one for us for the 2015 season), I wanted to take a look back at the absolutely wonderful wedding of Hayley + Jon.

Their wedding was so fantastic for us. Not only did we have 3 hours for photos (!!!), but Hayley and her mom were DIY Queens and created such a beautifully decorated reception hall for us to photograph. They also happen to be very handy in the kitchen and created a scrumptious cookie table for their guests (I may have positioned myself next to it for a large portion of their reception coverage).

But more than any of that, I was absolutely taken away by how much these two love each other. There were so many little moments throughout the day where I caught them staring at each other and smiling ear to ear. It really was such a joy to see two people so happy and so in love.

Happy Anniversary Hayley + Jon!!

Ottawa Fall Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography

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