Ottawa Fall Wedding: Hayley + Jon, Sneak Peek

And with yesterday over, the end to this amazing wedding season has finally come. I am sore and tired and utterly exhausted…and I wouldn’t change a single second of this past season!

Ottawa Fall Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography

Hayley + Jon were a perfect end to this season. Their wedding was so stunningly gorgeous!! Seriously, her and her mom have mad DIY skills. But what made their wedding so perfect was the two of them. They are such sweet people and from the very moment they met each other at the front of the church, you could see just how much they love each other. I caught myself smiling when I was looking at them during their ceremony as they just seemed to happy, and so right for one another. The two of you gave us so many amazing photos that it took me ages this morning to pick out what ones I would share here as the sneak peek. You know it was a great session when after culling through only a tiny portion of the images, my top contenders for the sneak peek was over 2 dozen images!!

Thank you to you both for letting us capture your love and share your special day.

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