Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Leandra + Lucas

Temples-Country-Weddings-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyFor us, the day we chose to get married was actually based on availability of a few of our preferred vendors and not for the date itself. And even though I joke that it was chosen because it is 6-months from my birthday (and I therefore get a present every 6-months), it truly was just a day in September that fit our criteria. That being said, it is now a very special date for us and the fact that we now share it with two people as truly wonderful as Leandra + Lucas is pretty darn awesome!

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Katherine + Mike

Temples-Sugar-Bush-Wedding-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyWe’ve had some pretty hot weddings, and although Katherine + Mike’s day wasn’t the hottest on record for us, it was a very, very close second! But all’s well that ends well and this wedding ended very well as at the end of the day these two absolutely wonderful people were married!

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Katlyn + Steven

temples-sugar-bush-wedding-stephanie-beach-photography-portraits-bride-groom-rain-leaves-fallDo you know what happens when lobbyist and other very political people get together for a wedding? One of the funniest and most enjoyable weddings ever!! (it sounded like a really bad joke, but wasn’t one)

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Samantha + David

temple's-sugar-bush-fall-wedding-stephanie-beach-photography-bride-groom-portraitI have talked before about how lovely a venue Temple’s Sugar Bush is. It has such a great atmosphere and some of the very best people in the industry working there. And the surrounding land is absolutely gorgeous – a complete haven for nature lovers like myself.

Put all of that wonderfulness into my favourite season and the possibilities are absolutely endless!!

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Katlyn + Steven, Sneak Peek

Temples-Sugar-Bush-Fall-Wedding-Rain-Engagement-Indoor-Ceremony-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyWe really do get to work with the best couples. Sweet and funny, and of course, so very much in love – it is a breeze to photograph their wedding days! But what makes them ridiculously fun is when their wedding party is a blast too and Katlyn + Steve’s group was truly awesome!

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