Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Katlyn + Steven, Sneak Peek

Temples-Sugar-Bush-Fall-Wedding-Rain-Engagement-Indoor-Ceremony-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyWe really do get to work with the best couples. Sweet and funny, and of course, so very much in love – it is a breeze to photograph their wedding days! But what makes them ridiculously fun is when their wedding party is a blast too and Katlyn + Steve’s group was truly awesome!

Kate’s team of guys and gals had me laughing literally from the second I walked into their suite at the Best Western Plus in Perth. And that entertaining factor (and trouble – but the fun kind), lasted all day long! When I met back up with Dave to head over to the main venue for the day, he agreed that this was a really great group of people and we knew this was going to be a really fun day – despite the less than ideal weather.

With the exception of a few (very) small breaks here and there, it rained throughout Kate + Steve’s entire wedding day. Fortunately they didn’t let it bother them one bit and we worked around the weather, taking photos inside for the most part. We were able to jump outside a couple times either during one of those small breaks, or with some of our handy-dandy umbrellas (and towels to keep Kate’s gorgeous dress of the muddy ground).

2014 was definitely our rainiest wedding season. The keyword in that sentence is without a doubt was as this past weekend officially allowed 2016 to take that title. But honestly, a rainy day doesn’t really dampen your wedding when you have a venue like Temple’s Sugar Bush, which is just as beautiful inside as it is out, especially when that wonderful fireplace is lit up, warming up the entire place (and filling it with that amazing wood-fire aroma), and the mantel is beautifully decorated with stunning florals from Sylvia’s Plant Place.

Kate + Steve are one of the nicest couples we have had the pleasure of working with this season, and I am so excited to get to work on their wedding photos, but for now, here is a little sneak peek from their rainy, but still wonderful day.


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