Perth Wedding at Temple’s Country Weddings: Jenny + Jeff

We had a rather late start to the wedding season this year so that we could ease back into the swing of things after Charlotte was born. In fact, we have a rather slow season for this entire year so that we could really focus on her first year with us, since I have been told many times over that it all goes so quickly. But whether their wedding day started our season in August or way back in April or May Jenny + Jeff’s wedding was the perfect way to start things off!

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Perth Manor Wedding: Currie + Dan

When Dave and I planned our own wedding, we didn’t want our wedding party’s plus ones to be sitting at random tables with people they didn’t know. Neither of us would have enjoyed that experience ourselves so we didn’t want to impose it on anyone else. So, to still have a head table but not make anyone lonely during dinner, we invited all of wedding parties significant others to join us at the head table.

Now it may seem odd to start off someone else’s wedding post with a story of our own wedding, but there’s a point, I promise. You see, it was at this head table on our wedding day that we first met Currie. She had been dating Dan for a little while but had never met our friend group so she wouldn’t have known anyone she sat with. In hindsight, I realize now that she would have been fine as she is the nicest person ever and it is pretty much impossible to not like her, but it’s always nice to be with your person at a big event.

I suppose it is a little weird to have someone at your head table you have never met, but it worked out wonderfully in the end as we have all become great friends … oh and she and Dan got married, so I suppose it worked out for them too 😉

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Samantha + David

temple's-sugar-bush-fall-wedding-stephanie-beach-photography-bride-groom-portraitI have talked before about how lovely a venue Temple’s Sugar Bush is. It has such a great atmosphere and some of the very best people in the industry working there. And the surrounding land is absolutely gorgeous – a complete haven for nature lovers like myself.

Put all of that wonderfulness into my favourite season and the possibilities are absolutely endless!!

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Katlyn + Steven, Sneak Peek

Temples-Sugar-Bush-Fall-Wedding-Rain-Engagement-Indoor-Ceremony-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyWe really do get to work with the best couples. Sweet and funny, and of course, so very much in love – it is a breeze to photograph their wedding days! But what makes them ridiculously fun is when their wedding party is a blast too and Katlyn + Steve’s group was truly awesome!

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Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Samantha + David, Sneak Peek

temple's-sugar-bush-fall-wedding-sunflare-colour-stephanie-beach-photographyI love it when couples get us to capture both their engagement and wedding days. It not only lets us know the best way to work with them in front of our cameras (their best angles, how to get them to genuinely smile, etc.), but it also allows me to gauge just how much sarcasm I can get away with throughout each session. And for Samantha + David, I learned that I can get away with a whole lot of it (and they will throw it right back at me)!!

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