Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Samantha + David, Sneak Peek

temple's-sugar-bush-fall-wedding-sunflare-colour-stephanie-beach-photographyI love it when couples get us to capture both their engagement and wedding days. It not only lets us know the best way to work with them in front of our cameras (their best angles, how to get them to genuinely smile, etc.), but it also allows me to gauge just how much sarcasm I can get away with throughout each session. And for Samantha + David, I learned that I can get away with a whole lot of it (and they will throw it right back at me)!!

Their engagement session was full of laughs as we walked along one of the NCC greenbelts exactly a year before their big day. And their actual wedding was full of even more hilarity and fun! I had an absolutely blast catching up with these two and getting to meet more of their friends and family who are equally entertaining and fun.

Combine this fantastic couple and their wonderful friends and family with the absolutely gorgeous surroundings of Temple’s Sugar Bush in the Fall and you pretty much have a perfect day.

The colours in the leaves and the sun falling behind them lighting them up so wonderfully during their portraits was almost too much! And Sam in that beyond words stunning wedding dress was to die for!!

When I saw it on the hanger, I knew it was beautiful, but then when it was put on Sam, its beauty was enhanced ten fold. It was like it was made just for her. I definitely spent a large part of the day re-evaluating and re-planning my future vow renewal dress based on how perfect Sam’s dress was.

But more than anything, there was Sam + Dave. A couple who are so sweet and so lovely to be around that no one had anything but the highest of compliments to give them on their wedding day. Two people who are so perfect for each other and so wonderful that they deserve nothing more than to be happy together for the rest of their days.


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