Perth Manor Wedding: Currie + Dan

When Dave and I planned our own wedding, we didn’t want our wedding party’s plus ones to be sitting at random tables with people they didn’t know. Neither of us would have enjoyed that experience ourselves so we didn’t want to impose it on anyone else. So, to still have a head table but not make anyone lonely during dinner, we invited all of wedding parties significant others to join us at the head table.

Now it may seem odd to start off someone else’s wedding post with a story of our own wedding, but there’s a point, I promise. You see, it was at this head table on our wedding day that we first met Currie. She had been dating Dan for a little while but had never met our friend group so she wouldn’t have known anyone she sat with. In hindsight, I realize now that she would have been fine as she is the nicest person ever and it is pretty much impossible to not like her, but it’s always nice to be with your person at a big event.

I suppose it is a little weird to have someone at your head table you have never met, but it worked out wonderfully in the end as we have all become great friends … oh and she and Dan got married, so I suppose it worked out for them too ๐Ÿ˜‰

But in all seriousness, this wedding was a ginormous highlight of our wedding career. Dave and I have been friends with Dan since university, in fact I met them at the same time, and as the story above would imply, Dan was one of Dave’s groomsmen at our wedding. We even lived together for a couple years while we were all in school, although I did learn that for the betterment our friendship, and really the world in general, Dan and I should not live together (aka we butted heads a fair bit). Skip forward a number of years, and we know see each other on the regular as the four of us are all part of the same regular D&D group. Currie even happens to be one of Kaylee’s favourite people as she was one of the first to watch her as a pup when we were out shooting weddings last year.

So I suppose you could say we know Dan pretty well. And in all those years we have known him, I can honestly say I have never seen him as happy as he was on his and Currie’s wedding day. And although we haven’t known Currie as long, I feel like the abundance of nervous laughter and tears proved that Currie was just as delighted about it all! Suffice it to say, I basically shot their entire ceremony through tear-filled eyes as I was just so incredibly happy for the two of them!

The wedding itself was an absolute blast! And although Covid turned it from a small affair to a teeny-tiny one, no fun was lost in the process. Dan + Currie had planned a Lord of the Rings themed wedding with tiny infusements of their mutually loved series throughout the entire day. From the embroidered face masks (which I believe is the official wedding favour of 2020), to the dรฉcor and stationary design elements, and of course the music, everything was so tastefully done. They had even included a line or two in their vows which matched the theme, which I have learned is a tricky thing to do without it being too much, so very well done you two!

But that wasn’t the only personal element to the day. Dan wore his family’s Scottish tartan and pin and had even made this custom hobbit door! Seriously, this thing was amazing and became the background for many photos throughout the day. Currie had put together a hobbit hole Lego set with a mini to represent each and every guest at the wedding. FYI, I am of course the one in the purple shirt with the camera and if you are having trouble figuring out who Dave is – he is the one with the ‘fro standing next to me (and inside joke/knowledge of Dave’s giant hairdo during those university years). They then wowed us all with their choreographed dance to Queen’s Crazy Little Thing Called Love. There was even a trivia game filled with a great mix of couple-related questions, general knowledge questions, and of course geek questions. Side note: Dave and I may have gotten a little intense about the trivia game as we are extremely competitive when it comes to things like this. But on the bright side, we won!

It is a real honour to be able to capture weddings in general, but it really is extra special when it is for two such amazing friends. It was truly a perfect day and, as corny as this next bit is, these two deserved nothing less. And even though I know Currie will never agree with me and will hate looking at pretty much any photo that has her in it (I can already picture your scrunched up little face), you two rocked your photos and I am so excited to finally share them all with you!

Thanks to all of these amazing vendors who helped make this wedding possible!

Wedding Photography: Stephanie Beach Photography (thatโ€™s us!)
Venue: Perth Manor Boutique Hotel
Bridal Gown: The Dress Shop
Groom’s Attire: Scottish & Irish Store
Hair Stylist: The Curly Redhead
Make-up Artist: Dalene Gallo
Bride’s Nails: SIS2 Nails & Beauty and Smudge Beauty Bar
Florist: Sylvia’s 4th Line Florals
Cake: Little Red Custom Desserts
Officiant: Patti Koeslag of Thresholds of Life
Wedding Favours: Krooked Stitch Bags
Stationary and Seating Chart Art: Laura O’Grady and Caroline Milesโ โ €
Live Music: The Limestone Trio

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