Experimental Farm Engagement Session: Courteney + Steve

experimental-farm-engagement-session-stephanie-beach-photography-08Sometimes all you need to make a dull day a little brighter is a fantastic couple who isn’t afraid of a little rain. Because rain is definitely what we got during Courteney + Steve’s engagement session, but it turned out to not be a problem whatsoever!

These two were so incredibly kind, they dealt with the unpleasant weather with smiles on their faces and not a complaint in sight, which isn’t always the case when Mother Nature plays tricks on couples for their sessions. Not only that, but they were complete naturals in front of the camera and nailed pretty much every pose and location I threw their way!

My brain wasn’t working at full capacity during Courteney + Steve’s session as the English language was mostly failing me (I am blaming it on the weather), so descriptions of the locations we were going to weren’t the most detailed, but fortunately for me these two trusted my judgement and hopped into my teeny, tiny car without judgement. Nothing is too far from anything else within the farm, and normally walking would have been preferred, but driving made it a little more pleasant (and the poor weather meant there was ample parking everywhere).

After visiting the greenhouses inside and out (I love that there are bright, happy flowers even at this time of the year here), we headed over to gorgeous Observatory building and surrounding area. The wonderful architecture of this building and the surrounding trees covered in the colours of Fall were absolutely stunning!

And of course, no session within the Experiemental Farms is complete without a quick walk through the nearby Ornamental Gardens. This has to be one of my absolute favourite spots for sessions as it has so many wonderful textures and various elements throughout and can be shot so many different ways. We left it to the end as when I showed up for the session there was a couple having their bridal portraits done, and I didn’t want to slow them down or even worse, get in their way. But it worked nicely as just as we were finishing up there the rain started coming down harder, making it just uncomfortable enough that you wouldn’t want to be outside anymore, at least not without coats and umbrellas.


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