Parliament Hill Engagement Session: Rebecca + Keith, Sneak Peek

parliament-hill-engagement-session-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-Peace-Tower-stairsWe have had quite a few engagement sessions that had to be moved due to the extra rainy seasons this year and Rebecca + Keith’s session was definitely one of them. Their engagement session was postponed from a super rainy, dreary day to a slightly chilly, but occasionally sunny one.

But honestly, I truly believe these two could brighten up any day as they are just so sweet and fun!

Initially we chatted about doing their session in a beautiful forested area I stumbled across during one of my more recent location scouting outings (aka an afternoon spent driving aimlessly around the city and stopping at pretty much every wooded area, stream, architecturally interesting building, bridge, etc.). The area I had in mind is fantastic and I will definitely be using it for a future session, but with the postponed session, the leaves would have fallen and some of the majesty of it all would be in hibernation until Spring. So we decided to move the session downtown. It is nice that the Ottawa downtown core is photogenic pretty much all year round, even during this transitional time of Fall to Winter.

We walked around the always wonderful Major’s Hill Park, and headed up to Parliament Hill. Unfortunately the construction plans have changed since I was there last (it really wasn’t even that long ago!) and we weren’t able to head to the back areas with the super nice gazebo and of course the absolutely lovely Parliament Libraries, but we just adjusted our plans (after I cursed the construction gods). Thankfully these two are so easy-going that they didn’t mind the alteration to our plans and even more thankfully, they are so cute together that they really could make any photo spot look absolutely perfect!

I can’t wait to share more from Rebecca + Keith’s downtown session, but for now I will just leave these little sneak peeks here for you all to enjoy!