Ottawa Winter Maternity Session: Marie-France + Jonathan, Sneak Peek

Ottawa-Maternity-Session-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-Winter-pregnancy-trees-forestMarie-France + Jonathan were one of our absolutely amazing 2016 wedding couples. Their wedding day¬†was beautiful and was, without a doubt, an absolute blast for everyone – including us! And right after they got their wedding photos, they let me know that I would hopefully be hearing from them in the next year or so as they started their family – and less than a year later, that’s exactly what happened!

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Ottawa Family Session: Christina, Marc + Emmett

Ottawa-Family-Photographer-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-indoor-session-baby-guitar-musicI head into most of my session with a couple poses or shots in mind, just in case my brain decides to go blank on me in the middle of things. Most of the time I capture those just so they are checked off, but the best shots tend to come from the inspiration I get from my clients. Christina, Marc + Emmett’s family session wasn’t really any different. I had a few backup shots going into things, but their fantastic personalities and Emmett’s absolute adorableness really did the rest in terms of inspiration (and of course, the fantastic light in their home really helped a ton too!).

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Ottawa Family Session: Christina, Marc + Emmett, Sneak Peek

Ottawa Family Photographer Stephanie Beach PhotographyI have zero musical skills – seriously none. Dave (who has lots of skill when it comes to music, as anyone who has been lucky enough to hear him play will tell you) taught me half of a whimsical duo one time and every so often I remember a portion of it (you may know it by the fact that you play the portion I know with your knuckles), but other than that I cannot play anything resembling a song or really anything even remotely pleasant to the ear. And perhaps it is because I cannot play that I find it so amazing when I meet those who can and get to watch and listen to them play.

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Ottawa Winter Engagement Session: Jessica + Dillon

Ottawa Winter Engagement Session Stephanie Beach PhotographySometimes you have a session where just everything goes so well…this was one of those sessions.

The weather was the perfect blend of cold enough for there to be a light covering of snow on the ground (essential to a proper winter engagement session), but not so cold that we froze to death just walking around the woods, so big thanks to Mother Nature for that! But what made the session truly wonderful was Jessica + Dillon.

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Ottawa Winter Engagement Session: Jessica + Dillon, Sneak Peek

Ottawa Winter Engagement Session Stephanie Beach Photography 01Winter took a while but it is definitely here now isn’t it?

I met up with Jessica + Dillon after ice and a touch of snow had hit the city, but before the big blast of snow we received a little earlier this week. It made for some lovely ground cover for their session without adding too much trouble walking through the woods.

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