Event Photography at the Canada Science and Technology Museum: Imagine – A Mother & Son Ball


The Father and Daughter Ball is a wonderful tradition here in Ottawa that has been around for a number of years now. But the area was definitely missing the other half of the equation – there really wasn’t a Mother & Son Ball, until now that is!

The Imagine Mother & Son Ball was complete with fun activities throughout the Canada Science and Technology Museum, great visits from some pretty special guests, a photo booth, great food (plus candy!) and of course dancing too! And it was truly a huge hit with everyone and if that wasn’t enough, it was all in support of one of our absolute favourite charities, Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario!

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Love, Handmade Wedding Show, 2017

Love-Handmade-Wedding-Show-Stephanie-Beach-PhotographyAnother off-season month means another wedding show. This time we were able to participate in the Love, Handmade Wedding Show, which is a little different than other shows since it is held at night, is licensed, has a signature cocktail and held in a very unique venue.

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Tie the Knot Wedding Show, 2017

tie-the-knot-wedding-show-ottawa-stephanie-beach-photographyWe were a part of so many shows last year and to be honest, it was too many. We were so worn out by the end and we also weren’t able to take full advantage of them as we found that we were turning away most of the interested couples based on not being available for their wedding date.

So this year, we decided to cut back on the number of shows we did – big time. In the end, we are only doing a couple shows this year and we have tried to pick ones that are pretty different from each other. Our first show was the always fantastic Tie the Knot Wedding Show just this past weekend and I am so glad we kept it on our list.

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Event Photography, Ottawa Conference & Event Centre: Make-A-Wish, Eleventh Annual 3 Wishes Gala

Make-A-Wish-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-event-Ottawa-OCECOnce the gorgeous Fall season is done, so is our regular busy season. As we are primarily wedding photographers, our off-season starts up basically when winter starts to show up and we have far fewer weddings. But it is always such a nice treat to be able to wrap up our busy season by giving back and supporting one of the many wonderful charities in the area, Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario, by capturing their annual 3 Wishes Gala.

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Event Photography, Ottawa Conference & Event Centre: Make-A-Wish, Eleventh Annual 3 Wishes Gala, Sneak Peek

Make-A-Wish-Three-Wishes-Gala-Stephanie-Beach-Photography-Ottawa-Conference-Event-Centre-CharityIf  you check out our posts on a regular basis you will know that we love supporting Make-A-Wish Eastern Ontario and have been fortunate enough to cover several of their events and granted wishes over the last (almost) 2 years. We love each and every one of of their events so much, but the 3 Wishes Gala definitely holds a special place on our calendar each year.

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