Third but feels like First

As I mentioned yesterday, I entered a photography contest this weekend as part of the Ottawa Orchid Society’s Annual Show – and to be absolute delight, my photo entitled Stripped Orchids came in third in the Digital Painting category (essentially the Photoshop category)!!

Ottawa Orchid Society Contest Third Place

This is the first time I have ever won something (outside of Legion drawing or poem contests when I was in elementary school), and though it would have been amazing to get a higher place, or to have some of my other photos win in their categories, I am still super pleased with this placing and as an added bonus, it gives me room to improve next year!

I am really happy with and proud of myself. Entering into contests is hard for me, and after I didn’t win anything last year, I thought about not entering this year, but I worked through my fears and am really happy I did!

One thought on “Third but feels like First

  1. Congratulations Stephanie, I can only imagine that the quality of the other photos must have been amazing.

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