Just Hanging Out

Dave and I spent last weekend babysitting our nephew Jackson, who is the cutest little boy in the world. Okay, I may be a little biased, but come on, you have to agree he’s pretty darn cute?!

Ottawa Child Photography - Toddler

I didn’t take many photos (for me), mostly because I was just enjoying hanging out with him. In the last few months he has really been turning into a real little person instead of ‘just’ a baby. You can have a sort of conversation with him now and it is really interesting to watch him play (which is he now able to do on his own sometimes).

He is also continuing his fascination with my camera. When we first got there, he dragged my camera bag around for a little while and then spent some time trying to put together all of the clips hanging off of it. It made me glad that I have a really nice durable bag as all my equipment was still inside as he was dragging it around. Also, he retained what I taught him at Easter – what button to press to make the shutter go! So whenever it was out he would come over and press the button and take a few frames (ok, more like 50 or so at a time – at least). This time around he stuck his face in front while pressing the button and I managed to get it focused, so the below left photo, is a joint effort photo between Jackson and I (look at that adorable little beauty mark under his eye!! so cute!).

Ottawa Child Photography - Toddler

Some may ask why I taught him where to press – it was mostly so he would keep his teeny fingers off of my lens – I would rather he fill up my memory cards then get my lenses all dirty – but it doesn’t always work (as can be seen in the above right photo).

Anyway, we had a great time with the little guy, but really, is that a surprise to anyone?!