Ornamental Gardens Wedding: Jenn + Jon, Sneak Peek

A few years ago, okay maybe more than a few, my friend Chris switched majors from Engineering to English. When she did this she met a whole new group of people and made a ton of new friends. Now this isn’t at all atypical for Chris as she is very sociable and people are drawn to her amazing presence. But it did mean that I met a whole new group of people through her, and connected with a few of the very best. It was about this time, and through these means, that I met Jenn. I was instantly drawn to Jenn and her boyfriend Jon as they had very similar past times to Dave and I. They had Lego sets in their apartment and many different versions of Settlers of Catan and watched typically geeky shows just like us. Jen also likes to travel like I do and she is the type of person that you can really talk to. Over the years, Jenn and Jon have become dear friends of ours and I feel very lucky to have them our circle of friends.

Ottawa Ornamental Gardens Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography

Back in January, Jenn messaged me saying that she was planning an intimate, stress-free wedding celebration for her and Jon. I was super excited for them and so honoured to have been asked to photograph their wedding! Yesterday was their big day and we captured their first look and portraits at the Ornamental Gardens. They then had their friends and family join them at Vincent Massey Park for their celebratory luncheon. Without further adieu, I give you a sneak peek from Jenn + Jon’s gorgeous day.

It was such a beautiful and fun afternoon and I was so happy to have been able to capture it, and even happier for Jenn + Jon. I can’t wait to share more of this dear couple and their fantastic wedding day!!

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