Testimonial Highlight #7

Ottawa Ornamental Gardens Wedding Stephanie Beach PhotographyJenn + Jon’s wedding fulfilled a dream I had from roughly eight years ago. A dream from before I even owned a professional camera and a dream I never thought would come true. It was a very surreal and special moment getting to photograph a bride and groom in a location I had thought of so many years ago and it was so awesome to have done this with people as sweet and kind as them.

And of course, all of this was made even sweeter by how freaking fantastic their day was!!

Ottawa Ornamental Gardens Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography

My new husband and I are both TERRIBLE subjects for pictures. We always have a weird expression, closed eyes, or get caught at the very wrong moment when your face is doing something wonky. I was so nervous about my wedding pictures because I know having a relaxed, natural smile is important to getting great shots. Since this never happens for us, the extra stress about it made me even more worried how the photos would turn out.

Luckily, thanks to how fantastic a photographer Stephanie is,  all our shots turned out ridiculously fantastic. She truly captured our happiness, love and personal touches about us, such as the fact that we are very private people. She incorporated all this into our wedding photos, making them mean so much more to us.

We felt relaxed, comfortable and just had a great time. Most importantly, Stephanie made me feel beautiful which truly translated into the end result of the photos. We can never thank you enough!!! Your pictures are a special memory of our wedding day and our time spent with our family, friends, and even our photographers!

You can find a full list of the testimonials I have received on my website. Thank you all for your kind words, photography makes me indescribably happy, but knowing my work makes others happy too is the icing on the cake.

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