One Year Older

One year ago today was my (29 + 1)th birthday, which makes me one year older than that today (shh…don’t do the math).

Stephanie Beach Photography Birthday Collage 31

The last couple of years I have done these birthday collages (see year 29 here and 29+1 here) and I have realized that I really enjoy putting them together so I decided to do yet another one this year.

Dave and I traveled to the United Kingdom and Ireland (you can see some of the posts here, here, here and here) as a belated birthday present to me. It was an unbelievable trip. We saw so many gorgeous castles and historic sites and went inside Stonehenge (possibly one of the best moments of my life). This was a trip that I had been planning for such a long time and I loved every second of our two and half weeks in those beautiful countries.

Our niece (and god-daughter) was born just this past May. Evelyn is just the sweetest little baby girl and I absolutely love spending time with her and her big brother, Jackson. Speaking of which, Jackson has turned into a real little boy (hopefully you know what I mean by that). It is so much fun getting to interact with him now, especially since he really seems to like us (yay!).

So many of our friends have really started to have grown up lives. They are getting married and buying houses and working on their futures with their significant others. It has been an honour to share these moments with our friends and even more special for the moments we have captured for them like Jenn + Jon‘s wedding and Teri + Greg‘s wedding.

Speaking of weddings, this past wedding season was absolutely out of this world!! We captured so many wonderful couples’ weddings and each one has been a real treat for us. We have even had a number of our weddings and photos published in local magazines and blog!! We have also been participating in some fantastic wedding shows this past year and are now moving to the big leagues with the Ottawa Wedding Show in April (oh my goodness that’s so close!).

We went to the Ottawa Wedding Awards last year as we were nominated in the photographer category (and we are again this year too!) and we just finished a really incredible stylized shoot with some local vendors (check out the sneak peek here). And one of the most rewarding things we have done this year was just this past weekend when we volunteered our time and services to cover the Make-A-Wish Wine for Wishes event (you can check out the sneak peek here).

It really was a great year and I am looking forward to seeing what this next year will bring!!