Temple’s Sugar Bush Wedding: Kristen + Todd, Sneak Peek

Temple's Sugar Bush Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography 45Leading up to this year that I have been calling the Season of Temples, due to the fact that we have 1/3 of our weddings as the Temple’s Sugar Bush, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep the images fresh and interesting enough – especially when it came to the sneak peeks. But I really didn’t need to be worried at all, because not only did Temple’s already have so many wonderful places for portraits, but they have renovated a whole little cabin for me!!

Okay, okay, it is isn’t for me, it is for their couples of course, but that just means I get to photograph amazing people in an adorable little log cabin.  People like Kristen + Todd who are just so sweet and easy-going, and of course gorgeous!! They and their entire wedding party were absolutely smoking, I guess that’s why it had to rain on their wedding day, to put out all those flames (I know, I know, that was a bad joke, I’m sorry [but not really]).

Temple's Sugar Bush Wedding Stephanie Beach Photography 46

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