Major’s Hill Engagement Session: Carla + Jean-Francois, Sneak Peek

majors-hill-park-engagement-session-stephanie-beach-photography-02Downtown Ottawa can be a very busy place, full of people, cars and tons of construction. But it can also be a really peaceful place, especially if you hit it up on a not so busy evening or time. Such was the case with Carla+ Jean-Francois’ engagement session.

We were originally aiming for a Sunday session, but another rainy Sunday cancelled that plan and we postponed the shoot just a few days until a Friday evening. Since we were there around dinner time, the night-goers hadn’t showed up yet, but all the day-dwellers were slowly finding their way home.

We spent an absolutely lovely evening strolling through Major’s Hill Park and the surrounding area and found a few little hidden gems among what is actually a parking area. These two seemed completely as ease together and are just so caring, can’t wait to share more from their fantastic session!


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